Northwest Redding Real Estate

Mention Northwest Redding and those who are familiar with the area will think boating, swimming, hiking, and visiting the historic town of Old Shasta. With Whiskeytown Lake sprawling like a blue jewel among the green mountains, this area is a favorite during warm summers, especially areas like Oak Bottom and Brandy Creek. Part of the National Park program, passes can be purchased yearly or by the day for hiking to famous Whiskeytown Falls, swimming, boating or just enjoying nature. With the local dog dock jumping competition held here, there are many reasons to expand your view of Northwest Redding beyond being the corridor to historic Lewiston and Weaverville, and to Eureka on the coast.

Areas northwest  of Redding are generally favored by those loving country views, mountains, and proximity to Whiskeytown Lake. Unlike larger metropolitan areas, these life-enhancing qualities can be found while still maintaining a short driving distance to shopping, medical facilities, and other important community components.

New Lisitings In North West Redding